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1, Mar 19, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 14

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Mood manipulation: the second characteristic that contribute to emotional competence.
Even small mood changes can color a person’s ability to think clearly.
(1) Good moods actually enhance a person’s ability to think and solve problem. Laughing frees up one’s creativity and promotes one’s ability to see complex relationships and consequences. Joking can actually help one think through a problem.

(2) Studies show that problems are more likely to be solved by someone who’s just had a good laugh. After watching a show about television bloopers, a person is better able to find alternative solutions to a problem that was weighing heavily on his mind before.

(3) When making important decisions, it is preferable to be in a good mood. It helps one think more positively and comprehensively. One considers the pros and cons, recalls positive events, and is more likely to make a sound decision when one is upbeat.

(4) When a person is in a bad mood and try to make decisions, he can only recall the negative. He finds that he is overly cautious, and his emotions cause him to make decisions based on his fear.

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