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1, Mar 18, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 13

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Continue with marshmallow experiment and impulse control:
The interest part about the experiment is its follow-up phase.

First of all, there is a behavior difference— when researchers followed up on Mischel’s test group 14 years later, there was a marked difference between the group that took the marshmallow and the group that was able to delay gratification. The children who had been able to control their impulses at age 4 were found to be more socially competent adolescents. These children were also more self-assertive and demonstrated more competence in handling frustration, stress, and pressure.

Secondly, on their ability to face challenge, this research found that the group of children with gratification-delay ability were better able to face challenges and were more likely to be relentless in their pursuit of valued goals. On the other hand, the children without impulse control were more easily upset and put off by frustrations.

Thirdly, regarding personal traits, the 4-year-olds who resisted the treat displayed more personal integrity than those who couldn’t wait. Qualities like trustworthiness, self-assertiveness, dependability, social competence, and self-reliance were evident in these individuals. The marshmallow-grabbing group had fewer of these qualities.

Fourthly, even more significant is the fact that impulse control is a strong predictor of lifelong success, signifying the ability to identify situations in which delay and resisting temptation would be beneficial in achieving goals.

Lastly, on their mental ability— Mischel’s research proved that the ability to control impulses when focusing on a goal is the essence of emotional competency. His findings clearly identify emotional intelligence as a critical factor in using other mental abilities to the greatest capacity.

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