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1, Mar 17, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 12

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Impulse Control: Key to Emotional Competency
Characteristics that contribute to emotional competency include
(a) impulse control
(b) mood manipulation
(c) hope
(d) optimism

Psychologist Walter Mischel started the famous Stanford marshmallow experiment in 1972. Working with 4-year-old children on the Stanford University campus preschool, he used a model to evaluate the importance of emotional intelligence. The children were promised two marshmallow as a treat if they could wait until someone returned from an errand. If the child couldn’t wait until then, the child could have only one immediately.

The choice made by these children became a telling tale about emotional intelligence and about one of the basic characteristics associated with emotional intelligence — impulse control.

Impulse control is one of the several characteristics that predict and measure emotional intelligence. It is often considered the core of emotional self-management. This is probably because emotions by nature call for action or response. For up to 20 minutes, some children hid their eyes, sang, played games, and talked to themselves while waiting for the two-marshmallow reward. However, other children took the one marshmallow almost immediately after the facilitator left the room.
More on this experiment tomorrow…

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