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1, Mar 16, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 11

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Negative effects of anxiety
Anxiety is a strictly negative experience. Anxiety focuses attention solely on the issue at hand and drives the mind to obsession. This leads to an endless cycle with no hope of resolution, causing inflexibility and unrealistic perceptions. Just imagine yourself trapped in the narrow corner of a cow’s horn.

Characteristic, damages and ending of anxiety
(a) Physiological reactions: sweating, a racing heart, and muscle tension
(b) Limits creative solutions: it prevents a worried person from shifting his mind away from his worries, limiting his ability to develop creative solutions.
(c) Ruminate on danger: causes a person to review again and again dangers of all kinds–even things that have no chance of happening. They see trouble or opponents at every corner.
(d) Addicted to anxiety: if a person chronically worries about problems that rarely happen, he may attribute their nonoccurrence to his obsessing about them.

The first step in minimizing anxiety is self-awareness, which means training yourself to identify situations that trigger worry, images that prompt worry, and sensations that signal anxiety in the body.

Challenge troubling thoughts:
Once aware of anxious thoughts, the next step in eliminating anxiety is to actively challenge troubling thoughts. This involves questioning assumptions and maintaining a healthy skepticism toward the probability of occurrence.

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