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1, Mar 15, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 10

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Positive effects of worry
Sometimes, worry can serve a very useful purpose. Some of the aspects of worry that at first seem negative can actually produce positive results. Worries usually escalate from thought to thought within seconds. These thoughts are a steady progression of verbal expressions of concern, but seldom include images.

(a) When danger is sensed, worry allows you to assess your options, rehearse methods for dealing with them, and reflect upon desired outcomes

(b) Catastrophizing is the process of imagining a worst-case scenario; it produces a series of terrible thoughts without a visual component. Because catastrophizing is expressed only as thoughts, not images, it does not leave a lasting impression.

(c) Worry can suppress the physiological effects of anxiety. When faced with anxiety, an individual launches into a train of distressing thoughts. Meanwhile, anxious sensations, like a racing heartbeat, can be lessened because the mind is distracted from the original triggering thought.

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