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1, Feb 5, 2011

Dealing with Different People, Part I

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Last September, a friend of mine sent me a powerpoint file with beautiful pictures and background music. I wanted to share it with my children but haven’t had a chance. On 12/27/2010, while I was working, I dug it out and decided to translate it and post it here. Below is the main idea of the writing.

The world is like a gigantic stage, on which a person is like a book. This is the most difficult book for us to read. Some people are willing to lend you their umbrella in sunny days but quietly take it from you when it rains. Don’t complain about this type of person because he does not want to be soaked in rain and does not want to share with other. Suck it up. Have your own umbrella ready.

Some people follow you everywhere when you are in power but leave you when you are out of it. Please understand that people praise you when you are in power because of their need. Now that you are no longer useful to them, there is no need for them to say nice words to you. If you can think calmly, ask yourself if you have placed too much trust in these people.

Some people use the most touching language to conceal their ulterior motives. Don’t hate them for their hypocrisy because they don’t have an easy life when they try to play double face, always running the risk of being exposed. Understand where they come from and wait till the day they initiate change in themselves.

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