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1, Feb 17, 2011

The Domino Effect of Tunisia and Egypt

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On 2/12/2011, I write “From Tunisia to Egypt, the demand for change catches on like a wild fire and no one knows who will be the next.” Within one week, we witness a huge chain reaction following the fall of the presidents in Tunisia and Egypt, not just one country but the whole Middle East were galvanized to demand reform, democracy, end-of–the-incumbent, and all the nice things that westerners claim to have enjoyed. The anti-government fire is roaring in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, and Yemen.

Yemen’s president tried to put out the fire by handing out “No extension, no inheritance, no resetting the clock.” But, as these protesters saw the presidents in Tunisia and Egypt surrendered under pressure, they would settle nothing less than the same in their countries.

The tide has gathered momentum on its way throughout Middle-East and has become irresistible now. The rest of the world only needs to watch the wheel of history turning toward a better tomorrow for that part of the world–a true democracy, with freedom and more social and economic equality for all, even though some of us might suffer some loss from that part of oil-rich land.

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