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1, Feb 9, 2011

Promise Made Easy, Kept Difficult

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On 1/24/2011, one of my colleagues told me that she was going to live on fruit and vegetable on one day in a week and she chose Monday. It was said that you would lose weight if you could keep doing that for sometime. My colleague said she planned to lose ten pounds, which seemed a very feasible idea.

Last Monday, she took the day off. This Monday, 2/7/2011, she had a huge yummy sandwich for lunch. When I asked her about her promise to eat only fruit and vegetable on Monday, she said she forgot all about it when she heard the mention of this Jimmy John’s gourmet sandwiches.

I shared the event with my daughter that evening. I am amazed but not really surprised to see how easy it is to make and break one’s promise.

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