Life Is More Than a Journey

Last Saturday, 2/12/11, on the way back from her drawing lesson, I chatted with my daughter about life being a journey. There is even a poem by Jack London on this. I said, “This saying is too platitude to mean anything. Life is much more than a journey. My daughter said, “It is an adventure. It is many things to many people.”

From the hell to the heaven,
There’s no straight way to walk.
Sometimes up, sometimes down.
Hope creates a heaven for us,
Despair makes a hell for us.
Some choices are waiting for me,
Which one on earth is better?
No God in the world can help me,
Choosing is the byname of freedom,
Different choice makes different future.
It’s stupid to put eyes on others.
I have to make up my own mind,
Going my way to the destination.
Facing success or failure,
It’s no need to care too much.
Only if I’ve tried my best,
It’s enough for my simple life.
–By Jack London

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