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1, Feb 1, 2011

“Game Over” and Egyptian History is in the Making

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I have long thought the alliance would not be sustainable between self-claimed democracy-loving western powers and heavy-handed authoritarian Mubarak regime. Someday this alliance will be challenged. It is right now being challenged.

It is exciting to see thousands of Egyptians venture out demanding for western-style democracy, so reminiscent of Tiananmen Square and Berlin in 1989, heralding an earth-shaking political change in Egypt and possibly the whole Arab world.

Ironically, not many western powers have voiced support to this popular movement in Egypt, probably out of fear of damaging their interests or disrupting the stability in the region.

The die has been cast and the wheel of history cannot be reversed. We are witnessing at least the end of an authoritarian rule and at best the beginning of a democratic Arab rule.

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