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1, Feb 18, 2011

Dreams Are Angel’s Wings

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Dreams are Angel's wings
I received this writing on 2/15/2011 via email from an old friend of mine. It always strikes a cord with me when I read his writings, perhaps it is associated with something from a distant time and land that is deeply buried in my memory but present no more. Anyway, it is so beautifully written. Here it is, even though my translation has not been loyal to the original.

Dreams are feathers. They are angel’s white wings, enabling your soul to soar in the blue sky. Without your knowing it, your feathers of dreams could be plucked out, one by one, from you through your daily trivial routines, until eventually the day comes when you find yourself dreamless, carrying out daily business like everybody else. Hence, take care of your dreams. With dreams, you are an angel. That defines your uniqueness.

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