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1, Feb 12, 2011

“Game Over” and Egyptian History is in the Making, 2

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It is both amazing and unbelievable when we witness the unfolding of an exciting chapter in the history of one of the oldest civilizations. During early stage of Egypt demonstration, I knew of the eventual departure of Mubarak, but I didn’t expect victory came without a massive bloodshed. Mao Zedong once said political power was born out of gun barrels. Just look at Iraq and the thousands of death when US tried regime change.

The victory of people’s power not only left an indelible ink in its nation’s history, but more significant and far-reaching is its symbolic meaning and the fact that it threatens to dethrone the US-Israel dominance on that part of geopolitical chessboard. From Tunisia to Egypt, the demand for change catches on like a wild fire and no one knows who will be the next.

I heard many people expressed a mixed or even negative reaction toward the downfall of Mubarak. Of course, some people or countries feel the unrest and chaos will hurt their interests. Definitely so. Still, let Egyptians determine the direction and the fate of their country.

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