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1, Jan 18, 2011

Your Health, Your Care

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On 10/30/2010, I read an article in Discover magazine, November 2010 issue, “Reckless Medicine” by Jeanne Lenzer.

There are some shocking news…
“A panel in 2007 by the prestigious Institute of Medicine estimated that ‘well below half’ of the procedures doctors perform and the decisions they make surgeries, drugs, and tests have been adequately investigated and shown to be effective. The rest are based on a combination of guesswork, theory and tradition, with a strong dose of marketing by drug and device companies.”

“Doctors are often as much in the dark as their patients when they implant new devices (like surgical mesh), perform surgeries or write prescriptions.

“According to an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality report published in 2001, more than 770,000 Americans are injured or die each year from drug complications, including unexpected side effects, some of which might have been avoided if somebody had conducted the proper research.

“A 2002 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 87% of guideline authors received industry funding and 59% were paid by the manufacturers of a drug affected by the guidelines they wrote.”

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