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1, Jan 22, 2011

Why I Don’t Like Wall Street Jobs

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On the evening of 12/11/2010, a friend of mine called from out of town. While talking about job perspectives for coming graduates, he told me that many graduates from Harvard and MIT, no matter what majors they had, ended up working in Wall Street for some investment banks.

While it is a good thing that they end up with something that yields big paychecks, I think Wall Street is the ideal place only for those whose sole purpose in life is making lots of money. If that’s not your goal in life, stay out of it.

For some reason, banks always leave my mouth with bad taste. I strongly advise my children against taking this route, mainly because I think it too empty to live through one’s life with no other goal than making money. One got to have some higher calling than money.

Secondly, for a beginner working there, he practically has to invest 100% of time into his work, leaving no time for self-development and career advancement. The worst part is he does not learn as much as he should if he were elsewhere. In the long run, this is a short-sighted choice.

Ask yourself what you want to do with yourself, what is your passion? what really makes you happy, other than possessing tons of money. Next follow your dream relentlessly.

PS. put thing in a long perspective, this is a question regarding what you want to do with your life. After all, one-third of your day will be spent at work. You don’t want to just spend your life making money, as if money were the end of all means.

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