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1, Jan 3, 2011

Singing is Good to Your Overall Wellbeing

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A day after New Year, I find it following spirit of the festive mood to post this topic on singing and health. While I was home during the last week of the year, I read an article by BBC health correspondent Dominic Hughes, “Singing your heart out this Christmas is good for you… Carol singers Singing along to some carols this Christmas will help your physical and mental well being.”

“…belting out “Hark! the herald angels sing” or your own unique interpretation of “I will survive” will not just lift the spirits – it’s good for your physical health as well.”

First of all, singing is an exercise of lungs, an aerobic activity beneficial to the heart, “increasing the heart rate and getting blood pumping round the body faster can all help our physical health.”

Secondly, singing lifts up your spirit, reduces stress and relaxes tension, brings joy to all and contributes to your longevity.

Thirdly, singing is like dancing. It is a form of self-expression which helps boost up our self-esteem.

There are many studies on the impact of singing on our body. We don’t need to dig into these findings to know these benefits. Hence, always keep a tune in your mouth and give it a joyful expression whenever you feel like it.

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