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1, Jan 15, 2011

Recession Should Change People’s Spending Habits

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On 8/19/2010, I read an article by Phil Taylor, “15 Things You Shouldn’t Be Paying For.”

The recession seemed to have changed some people’s spending behavior. When people are running low, they try to get to places with less gas. I hope people can keep up the thrifty habits even after economy picks up. Here is the list of these 15 things.

1) Basic Computer Software; there are so many free downloads
2) Your Credit Report; you can always get a copy during a free trial period.
3) Cell Phone, absolutely. You don’t really need to keep up with the new products.
4) Books, of course — that’s why we have libraries. And no more books to crowd your room.
5) Water. It is also good for the environment when we consume less bottled water.
6) Credit Card. Why pay an annual fee for a credit card when there are plenty of free ones?
7) Debt Reduction Help. This is the last thing you should pay for, when you don’t have money to pay your debt. But I do know someone who hires an agent to manage all her bills.
8) Basic Tax Preparation. Do it yourself unless you have half a million to work on. I know some people are too hopelessly lazy to do it themselves.
9) News. Either go online and read or go to your local library or even bookstore. It is simply too old fashioned to buy news now.
10) Budgeting Tools; download free tools from the internet.
11) Pets. There are many lovely pets in animal shelters. You might have done a good deed by providing a home for one of them.
12) Shipping; look for free shipping deals.
13) Checking Account. Why pay for this when many banks offer a free checking account?
14) DVD Rentals. You can watch anything from the internet or get free rentals from
15) Exercise. Nothing is more true than this. You can exercise anytime anywhere, with free air and free sunshine.

Actually, there are a lot more things that people don’t need to buy, especially during back-to-school days. The weekend before school started, I saw many parents shopping for school supplies with a list from the school. What happened to the old school bag and supplies that they used last year? Why do people have to get a completely new set of school supplies every year?

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