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1, Jan 20, 2011

Parents Need to be Careful in Delivering Praise

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On 11/7/2010, Sunday evening, while talking to my sister over the phone, we touched the topic of being smart. I said I was considered the least smart in our family. My sister asked how I got the idea that I was not as smart as others. I said, “I just remember people often praised both of you and commented how smart you were. I am the one who was often scolded for getting into trouble. Compliment words were very foreign to me at that time.”

My sister said that it was not true. She admitted that obedient child often received more praise from adults, while troublesome ones received opposite treatment.

From this I thought of some possibilities. Probably when parents often praise one child in front of another, a message is sent to both children — the one who is not left out gets the message that she is not as smart or as worthy as the other one. I must be that unfortunate one and that how I got the idea that I am not as smart as my siblings.

Interesting to know. I hope parents can learn something from this.

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