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1, Jan 30, 2011

Obesity is More than Lifestyle and Food Intake

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The convergence of some seemingly unrelated facts set me thinking again on obesity, healthcare cost and social class. Here are these facts from Reuters health and science editor, Maggie Fox, 8/3/2010.

*More than 72 million U.S. adults, or 26.7 percent, are obese.
**Recent estimates of the annual medical costs of obesity are $147 billion
***Blacks were the most likely to be obese, with 36.8 percent of U.S. black adults having a BMI of 30
****More than 41 percent of black women are obese
*****More than 30 percent of Hispanic adults were obese.
******Mississippi had the most obese people.
*******Obesity is a societal problem, according to Dr. Frieden, CDC director.

“The federal government and some states have been moving toward using legislation to help people to exercise and eat healthier foods.”

To be continued…

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