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1, Jan 5, 2011

“My Friends are my Estate”

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My son left home yesterday morning, made a transfer at Dulles airport, arrived in Boston, then took a bus to New York, where he will work for a company for some weeks before spring semester begins. He stays with his friends who are two years of his senior, from the same school. Each time he goes to New York, he stays at his friends’. This reminds me of Emily Dickinson’s poem, “My friends are my estate.”

His experience made me think of my encounter with a college classmate early last year when I went back to China. To be sure, it had been ages since we saw each other. But for some reason, probably out of his legal profession, when I called him, he sounded cold and suspicious of my motive, as if I were going to ask him for some favor or to take advantage of his position. When we met in Massachusetts back in 1987, he was still a student, friendly as before. People change beyond belief!

I wonder what Emily Dickinson had to say about this type of people. Estates are easy to find, but not true friends.

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