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1, Jan 8, 2011

Defense Budget Cut and “National Security”

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On 12/30/2010 and 1/2/2011, I posted entries on US in the coming decade, enduring the dire economic consequence of its over-stretched global arms. I predicted the country would have to do some serious cutting here and there, a real European style austerity as part of its effort to fight the formidable burden of debt. On 1/6/2011, we learned US defense secretary Roberts Gates announced a $78bn military budget cut, to be achieved in part by scrapping a $14bn amphibious vehicle. The cuts over the next five years come in addition to $100bn in internal savings already announced. “As the biggest part of the discretionary federal budget, the Pentagon cannot presume to exempt itself from the scrutiny and pressure faced by the rest of our government,” Gates said

Here’s the irony about defense expense. After 911 attack of 2001, the US increased military spending tremendously in the name of protecting “national security.” After a gigantic military spending in which the US invaded other countries, did plenty of killings and bombings, with the two invaded countries like it is now, is America safer and stronger now than before? Do people worldwide love America more than before? Or the opposite is true?

I wonder when people will come to this understanding that a country cannot be safe and strong if it faces colossal national debts and a fast shrinking middle-class and a swelling lower class. I am sure there are some politicians who will jump out against the defense cut, always in the name of “national security” and at the cost of anything else.

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