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1, Jan 28, 2011

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, a Chinese Mother, Part IV

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It seems we never have enough of this Tiger Mom topic, at least between my daughter and I. I told my daughter I wish I had a book like this 20 years ago so that both of them would have turned out more disciplined and resilient than they were now.

“Her two daughters were not born yet,” said my daughter.
“I mean I wish someone wrote a book like this 20 years ago,” I explained.

“Yes, I wish I had a tiger mom, then my piano skill would be a whole lot better than it is now. I will be a tiger mom when I have children, but definitely not someone like her.” she declared. She wants to be a nice tiger mom.

Next she asked me why I did not insist on her more piano practice when she was five years old. I was a bit surprised over her question. Then I am glad she is mature enough to realize that early discipline will benefit her in the long run.

An acquaintance of mine called Amy Chua abusive and should be sued because of that. Being a Chinese, she often acts more Americanized than Americans. I am not sure if her comment was an attempt to either cover up her sense of guilt for her inadequate parenting or excuse herself of her irresponsibillity.

Some Chinese parents are rather content over their children’s achievements when they compare their youngsters to American kids. This is a short-sighted attitude. Keep in mind, when facing a future of global challenge and competition, their proud cubs are no match to those from China. But here comes this Tiger Mom who has prepared her youngsters for the tough roads ahead in the world.

The more I think about my parenting experience and chua’s, the more I recommend this book on the strength of its parenting philosophy, the more I admire her for the sacrifice that she has done for her children. In fact, my daughter even suggested that we buy a copy.

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