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1, Jan 25, 2011

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, a Chinese Mother, Part III

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Amy Chua is nakedly honest in her book and in her open criticism of western parenting. I admire her courage and 100 percent honesty, which is as rare as giant pandas among Asian Americans. She is one of a kind in that she makes a battle cry instead of an insect humming, which is most of us do. Otherwise, how can people pay any attention to the humming of an insignificant ant. In fact, it is high time that someone stood out with a book like this. A huge thankyou to the author!

A psychologist might say the harsh standard would ruin a happy childhood and leave permanent wound in the hearts of the youngsters. Amy Chua challenged this assumption and their erroneous parenting philosophy, and put to shame millions of American parents by pointing out the undesirable consequences, which has yielded one of the lowest education achievement among developed nations.

She also makes people re-think what is good to the next generation and to the nation in the long run — a playful childhood, game and TV followed by a poor and a miserable adulthood or hard-working childhood followed by a rich and happy adulthood.

I accept her philosophy. In fact, I agree with the spirit of the book whole-heartedly, though I cannot go with her method of putting it into practice. Once again, her actions have been the direct consequence of her unique personality. Nothing is more stupid and narrow-minded than assuming that there is a tiger mother like Chua behind the success of every Chinese kid.

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