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1, Jan 9, 2011

A Parent’s Complaint

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On 11/26, Friday evening, at a friend’s house, I met a mother who sounded like complaining when she talked about the fact that she only had one child. “It would be nice if we had two children. We would not have this empty nest when she left. All because of my daughter. She did not want a younger sister or brother when we asked her before. Now she is all alone and has to support the two aging parents by herself.”

The 24-year-old daughter was sitting by her mother motionless as if she were talking about someone else. I could see the daughter must have got used to her mother’s complaint and no longer feels anything.

When I told my daughter of this incident, she said the mother should not complain now. “How can you listen to the small child when she doesn’t know what is really good for her? When she is big and wants a sibling, her parents are too old to have one.” Interesting to hear both sides of argument.

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