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1, Jan 14, 2011

A Parent Gets What She Deserves

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On the morning of Thanksgiving, I went to a Chinese family to talk to the adult daughter about her mother’s health issue. She came back home from out of town for the Thanksgiving break. The daughter’s attitude has been consistent: go back to China. After the daughter left, the mother said to me, “See that’s what she always says.” I told her it was actually a good idea that she went back to China and see doctors there since her English is not adequate. “No,” said she, “She wants me to move back to China and never come back! She thinks I am her burden.”

Now I understand why she would not tell her daughter about things that she should. I remember once the daughter said something like this to me. When the daughter was little and needed her mother, the mother was not there for her. The mother spent all her time earning money. Now the little girl has grown into a mid-20 years old woman and the need reverses, that is, it is the mother’s turn to need her grown-up daughter. But the daughter is not going to forget and forgive.

It is a pretty sad case. Yet, by the end of the day, you are the one who determine the type of repercussion from your previous action. Trust me something always comes back to us, like or not.

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