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1, Dec 17, 2010

Your Work and Level of Energy Will be Compromised

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Continue on the story of Hanhao Bird posted on 12/4/2010. The surface meaning of the story of Hanhao Bird is very obvious and that has been expounded in my previous posting. In the evening of 12/12/2010, I thought of another layer of meaning that can be extracted from this story, that is, fooling away your prime time and postponing to the last moment what one should do.

Imagine this, instead of frolicking around merrily under the warm sun like Hanhao Bird, we humans play away when we are full of energy. When darkness falls and when we start feeling tired and sleepy, we think of what we should have done during day time, e.g. homework or anything due the next day. As everybody is in bed sound asleep, we have to stay up late, cutting back sleep hours, practically fighting a losing battle against drowsiness, toiling on miserably hours after midnight, cold and dark. We may not end up like the frozen-to-death Hanhao Bird, but the quality of our nightly work and our energy level the next day will be compromised as the result of our procrastination and burning nightly oil.

It must be rather popular not just among some birds but also among human beings, as I see this behavior in my children and others. Shouldn’t we know better than this?

P.S. we were very glad to have my son back from school yesterday evening. I would have taken the day off if there were no monitor visit today.

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