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1, Dec 18, 2010

Thought on a Cold Saturday

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On 12/11, last Saturday morning, I woke up very early as I planned to take a walk from my house to the 95th street. I wasn’t able to because it was drizzling. The morning was wet and cold. Later that morning I went to UPS store to send out a package, then to Border’s to get a book for my daughter. In the afternoon, I took my daughter to Costco for her glasses and then to Wal-Mart for a heater.

The day was so cold and windy that I gave up the idea of any outdoor exercise. I asked my daughter if she felt anything different in weather like this. “Not much,” said she. I told her at least, the extremity of weather strikes to home the crushing power of nature and fragility and physical limits of human beings. We stopped on our way to her art lesson to let pass a medical emergency car. I told my daughter people in not-so-healthy shape had a hard time going through extreme cold or hot weather. That’s why we hear of people dying from heat or cold.

It made me think of those who attempt to challenge the physical limits of human being by venturing into either north or south pole. After we got home, we feel so blessed being sheltered in a warm house from the extremity of weather. Outside the shelter is controlled by Mother Nature, which seems a perpetual challenge to us all.

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