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1, Dec 14, 2010

The Purchasing Power of the New Generation

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During the weekend of 8/14/2010, I went to an oriental grocery store for some Chinese vegetables like lotus roots and eggplants, my daughter’s favorites. I saw some young Chinese students there. Like right out of home, they even look younger than my son.

Boy, they are rich, appearing to be a lot richer than I am. They buy like crazy. They even buy cooking utensils at the oriental store. I mean it is a lot cheaper to buy them at Wal-Mart. I seemed to see something familiar.

My mind flashed backward when I saw these young students, back to the time when I first arrived in America in 1984. Back then I was their age, totally standing financially on my own. Living on a meager scholarship, I resided in a school-subsidized apartment, acquired all cooking utensils from host-families and church charities. I had never spent a penny on stuff like this and never bought anything that was not on sale. Yet, I managed to come up with some savings in order to go back home and spent them on my family in China.

Look at these young people now. How times have changed! How China has changed!

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