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1, Dec 11, 2010

The Material Obsession of some American Women

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On 10/24/2010, I posted an entry, “Women, Shopping, Holiday Mart at Convention Center.” The only thing that was free at the holiday mart is a magazine Herlife, Keeping Women Connected.

A lady greeted us at the door, eagerly distributing this magazine to us. It was a thick one, full of colorful pictures. I took it over, curious to learn what is it about Her Life. The content includes health, beauty, food cravings, shoes, fine things, trendsetter, pets, shopping, love and relationship, travel, and working women.

The magazine is crammed with commercials for hair salon, skin massage, nail, baby clothes, Experience the Square — shopping …Uptown boutique, Home Decor and design, Medical Spa, AesthetiCare (skin, hair), Fashion Attires, Hercity Guide, Vintage Market — clothes and jewels, Arista hair solution.

Is this what her life is preoccupied with? If that is the content of her life, no wonder there are so few female high achievers! They never talk about how women do business and making money. Where do women get money to go shopping spree? This type of magazine creates tons of trivial desires for unlimited possession and the pursuit of outward attraction, even if one is hollow inside.

I feel more than sad after flipping through it. I certainly wish Her Life is richer spiritually and intellectually than this.

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