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1, Dec 29, 2010

The Familiar New Concepts for 2011

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This is the continuation of yesterday’s posting, which I call it “Not Really New Concept for the Year 2011,” as we have heard of something similar before. Still, considering how short our memories have become, at least mine been shorter than before, I think it a fitting topic as we approach another new year.

One focus: all focus on health
Two fundamentals: do not take things seriously
Three facts to forgets: forget your age; forget the past; forget grievances

Four must-have: no matter how strong or weak one is, one must have someone who loves one, good friends, a promising career, and a cozy dwelling.

Five dos: sing, dance, self-decorating, laugh and slim

Six do-nots:
eat before you feel hungry;
drink before you feel thirsty;
sleep before you feel sleepy;
rest before you feel tired;
have annual physical checkup before you feel sick;
go for your dream before you are old and regretful!

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