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1, Dec 25, 2010

Peace on Earth, Hard to Obtain 1

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As people celebrate Christmas day, they also watch in horror the acceleration of tension between North and South Korea, with the South conducting live-fire drill on an unprecedentedly large scale from ground to the air, targeting at North Korea. The North in turn accepts the challenge with its arm-to-the-teeth determination for “sacred war of justice” with the South, with the threat of using a nuclear deterrent.

The higher the war rhetorics grow, the more insane and dangerous people become. Eventually the nations would be thrown into the sea of fire when both sides are overcome by their urge to act upon their threat, as if people have not learned anything from the recent Iraqi war.

Imagine the bloodshed, the loss of lives, the waste of resources and the draining of a nation’s wealth if that happened. All would suffer with the exception of one party, that is, the merchants of death who supply endless streams of mass-destructive gun-power. Nothing is more stupid than this madness of war cry in this supposedly peace-loving season.

To be continued tomorrow…


  1. […] It was the Soviet Union which created and trained the North Korean Army.  In 1990 during the period of glasnost, Moscow confirmed that it was Stalin who had personally approved the plan to attack the South, an invasion which began on the night of 24/25 June 1950.  The Korean War, launched with Moscow’s support and covert participation, ended in 1953 leaving the country permanently partitioned.  Ever since then there has been an almost constant propaganda war replete with border incidents and punctuated by occasional acts of war.  Most spectacularly, in 1983, for example, North Korean agents in Burma murdered 17 members of a visiting South Korean delegation, including four Cabinet ministers.  The directives were thought to have come directly Nice related topic here: […]

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