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1, Dec 30, 2010

USA in the Coming Decade 1

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As we approach the end of the year and of the first decade of the new millennium, looking into the next decade, there is no other topic more interesting than that of the future of America as the world power.

During the last decade, the USA has effectively dragged its economy downhill by over-stretching itself in the way of foreign wars with its huge military expense. Throughout history, many great nations have gone the same self-defeating path, having their resources drained away by these wars of attrition. While the US was busy burning its wealth, other countries lost no time in accumulating it. Imagine its consequence in the coming decade.

Because of the huge war cost and Bush tax cut, the country has incurred a colossal debt, a heavy burden on the future generation. This burden behaves like a chronic disease that will slowly consume the nation. Sadly to say, Obama’s compromised tax bill serves to save his own skin at the cost of future generation. It does not help in raising productivity and reducing deficit.

American politics has become ineffective and stalemated, just look at Obama’s healthcare reform and then his even more stupid tax bill! The powerful politicians representing some interested groups are totally on top of everything. Where is the future for the aspiring middle-class folks and for the nation?

The final worrisome problem is America’s K-12 education. To be sure, if a good education has been the key to the rise of many nations from Japan to Israel, America’s lack of it can be attributed to its decline. To predict prison population in the coming decade, one simply needs to count the high school dropouts today. With the decrease of highly educated workforce, America will see the shrinking of middle class. Even worse, a good basic education come from a culture that value education like that of many Asian and Jewish culture. You cannot say the same of American culture!

To be continued…

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