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1, Nov 16, 2010

What Does Leadership Mean for High School Students

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Last Friday after school, 11/12, I took my daughter to her skating lesson, first time after she got well. She felt a bit shaky at first but gradually gained strength and back in shape. While waiting for her, I was chatting with another parent about leadership for high schoolers. Though I have learned a lot about leadership during our company’s leadership workshop, I don’t want to elaborate too much on this simple concept. I shared with her the following key components.

Leadership means taking initiative, taking the lead among your peers, even if you are not the leader;
Leaders can influence others with their ideas so that people will follow the lead;
Leaders do not need to be told when an action is needed;
Leaders are self-motivated and self-directed;
Leaders are locomotives of the train while followers are the carriages.

An example of leadership in action — you find the need to raise awareness for environment protection in your school and there is no organization fulfilling this function. Hence, you start an environmental protection club…

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