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1, Nov 27, 2010

The Thanksgiving Break

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I had the whole week off from 11/22 to 26, a nice break, though not as long as I need. The first two days saw me cleaning the house, taking care of some bills, and working on my project. I set a timer while cleaning so that I did not get carried away by my enthusiasm over it and spend the rest of the day on it. The two days rushed by and disappeared quickly than an arrow.

My daughter started Thanksgiving break on Wednesday and I have been working with her on some of her favorite and less favorite projects since she got back home. I told her to start with a plan for each day. “You know how fast a break can whisk away no matter how long the break is,” said I. My son did not come back for this break. We are expecting him to be back in mid December.

Even though she did not have piano lesson on Thursday and skating lesson on Friday, I was busy on both days, getting ready for two gatherings at friends’ houses. As always, we ate and chatted while my daughter found a quiet corner doing whatever she needs to.

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