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1, Nov 1, 2010

Take Initiative, Take the Lead

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Last Saturday morning, on the way to the City Market, I talked to my daughter about one of the qualities of a leader — take initiative.

Most people need someone to tell them what to do either at school or at work. If they are not at either place, they are clueless as what they can do. They might spend a long time looking for a job, but they do not know how to put value into their prolonged job-hunting time.

A leader never needs to be told. She can always find some meaningful activities to put value into her time, in addition to job-hunting. While looking for a job, she will take initiative by seeking out any place that can make use of her talent to render services, free of any compensations.

By injecting value into her time, she will have a meaningful life story to add to her resume. The prospective employer will see in her the leadership quality, the one that no money can buy.

If anything, she distinguishes herself from the majority with her self-initiated experience. Therefore, I wish my children will develop leadership skill by taking initiative and taking the lead. Never ever in your lifetime should you waste time waiting for a boss to control your time. Even after you find an employer, still, be your own boss even when you work for others.

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