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1, Nov 28, 2010

Public Speech: A Chance to Demonstrate Your Ability

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On 11/20, early Saturday, I drove my daughter to University Academy for regional AcaDec competition. She was practising public speech all the way there. This reminded me of the time when my son was doing the same thing to prepare for one of the events at the AcaDec — public speech.

I remember having written something on public speech in leadership category. Still, I have to emphasize once again its importance. You don’t have the chance to make yourself known to many people. Hence, your speech at a large gathering provides you an opportunity to broadcast the best of you and to demonstrate the inner value that you normally have no chance to reveal. You can gain instant recognition simply by making an outstanding speech at such a gathering.

Of course, the speech has to be of high quality, revealing a clear thinking and a well-thought insight, with consistency, coherence and good organization. It takes some practice to reach this level.

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