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1, Nov 2, 2010

Martin Luther, a Leader Possessing Knowledge and Courage

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While my daughter was working on European History course, I also picked up a book on the subject in fall this year. I have been very much impressed by many remarkable individuals in European history. One of my favorites is Martin Luther, the man of great learning and courage.

He initiated the religious reformation movement in western world, thus ending the papal dominance and permanently dividing Christianity into two large camps: Catholics and Protestants.

He was first of all an intellectual. I love intellectuals because they are intelligent, learned and must have worked hard to achieve that level of knowledge.

Knowledge is power, citing the famous word of Francis Bacon. Luther belonged to the rank of great individuals because of his knowledge and courage to stand by what he believed.

Knowledge empowers and encourages one to rise above the crowd and consequently be the leader moving the history forward. So was it at the time of Martin Luther, so it is at the present.

P.S. Yesterday I tried to view this site, but was blocked. I had a feeling that some big change was going to happen. This feeling was confirmed when I read this shocking news, “McKesson to buy US Oncology for $2.2 billion.”

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