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1, Nov 30, 2010

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Injury

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One of the relatives of my colleague had this unfortunate experience. The girl, a young college student, went to a party and got drunk. When she woke up from her dissipation, she found herself being raped, lying outside in the open and totally naked. She had to walk to a nearby house to seek help.

Imagine the agony the young woman had to endure! But, when people talked about it, I got the feeling that the girl herself was partially blamed for her misfortune. “She set herself up for it. She shouldn’t get drunk with a bunch of irresponsible people. If you want to get drunk, make sure you are with some trustworthy people.”

This reminds me of the death of the 18-year-old Kelsey Smith on June 2, 2007. When people watched the video showing how Smith was abducted away from a store’s parking lot, commenting the way she was dressed set herself up for guys with bad intention. Her scantly dressed appearance served to catch attention in a harmful way. In pleading guilty in July 2007, her killer admitted that he had spotted the barely dressed Smith inside the Target store at 97th Street and Quivira Road about 7 p.m. on June 2, 2007. He went outside and waited for her, next raped and killed her.

I would recommend not to get drunk in the first place. Secondly, never put yourself in any kind vulnerable situation either in the way you dress or mixing with the wrong people. The key is to practice self-protection pro-actively in whatever way you can think of.

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