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1, Nov 26, 2010

Black Friday Shopping: Do We Have To?

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Last week, after the monitor finished her work with me, she started chatting about Black Friday shopping. She was at loss as what to buy for her son. “His room is like a daycare,” she commented. That means he has all sorts of toys in his room. That is a huge amount for a two-year-old! “He has everything. What else can I buy for him?” puzzled this monitor. I was tempted to tell her this, “Buy nothing. If you do incline toward getting him something, get him the value of not-wanting-too-much. Indeed, get him Christmas value!” Well, I know better than sharing it with her.

This reminds me of another colleague’s dilemma over buying Christmas gifts for her relatives every year. I am amazed at people’s inability to think out of the box and to question the sanity of the so-called norms. Common sense tells us that we should not buy anything that we don’t need, holiday being no exception. We know Christmas is the season of giving to the underprivileged, in the spirit of Jesus Christ, instead of indulging people’s insatiable desirable for material possession.

On the positive side, this shopping season is good for our consumer-driven economy.

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