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1, Oct 24, 2010

Women, Shopping, Holiday Mart at Convention Center

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Last Friday, 10/22, was an eventful day for some people at least. The president of our practice made an important announcement throughout the whole practice at six or seven locations at the same time via teleconference at 7:30 AM, the first of its kind since its inception. As one doctor commented, “Sounds like the aliens are going to attack us.”

Last Friday evening, as my daughter and I drove past Overland Park Convention Center (OPCC) on our way to Whole Foods to get a pizza, we noticed the parking lot of OPCC was fully jammed and the additional event parking lot was jammed, too. “Look like the whole town has come over here,” my daughter commented. “There must be some fairs with tons of freebies tossing the air,” I said.

We went ahead getting our pizza, back home, had our dinner. Then we walked down to OPCC, since it is within walking distance from our house. It turned out to be the sale of holiday-mart, selling holiday season stuffs, whatever that is.

Instead of freebies everywhere, you have to pay for an entry ticket even to get into the mart. They were so many people there, making me wondering if we were back to the old economic expansion days.

As we were leaving OPCC, my daughter commented, “It’s strange that of so many people here, you don’t see a single man.” Very much true, but why?

We brainstormed for an answer. I am certain there is no certain answer to this phenomenon, still we can draw some conclusions from this fact.

First, women enjoy holiday shopping and men don’t.
Second, women have time for this while men don’t. Probably not.
Third, women like spending money while men don’t. Maybe not so.
Fourth, this might be one of the reasons why women are low achievers in all fields, art, music, literature, science and technology.

I surely hope my daughter will not become one of those holiday shoppers. We got to have better things to do with our lives.

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