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1, Oct 1, 2010

Tyler Clementi’s death and The Thought

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the 18-year-old committed suicide after his sex activity was filmed and posted online
I was speechless when I heard of Tyler Clementi’s tragic death, too sad to say anything. I was struck by the following.

(1) How frail and sensitive is a human mind at this tender age and how easy it is to break the ultimate limit and crush his will to live! When the parents think the boy has turned 18 years old and become independent, they are wrong again.

(2) One can never under-estimate the vulgarity and the mean-spiritedness of some human beings who film and post online the on-goings inside one’s bedroom. They are shamelessly repulsive to the extreme!

(3) Technology, specifically what goes live online via youtube, without any filtering or censor, also plays a role in this tragedy.

It leaves so much for us to ponder. How should we prepare our youngsters for th cruelty that they might encounter after they leave home for college?

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