The Qualities of a Leader: An Example

On 9/23/2010, during our monthly meeting, we invited the pharmacy manager of the company to give us a talk on chemo drugs. I knew who she was before but I had been wondering, young as she looks, at most early 30s, how she became pharmacy manager of our company. I am sure there are other pharmacy PhD holders with more experience than she is. What distinguishes her from the other pharmacy folks?

That day my question was answered. She is not just knowledgeable in her field. Much more than this, she impresses me as someone whose mind is far above daily pharmacy activities. She overviews the drug development history, sees the big picture, pattern of research, and the trend of future development.

What I see is the quality of a leader in her that goes above and beyond her knowledge of chemo drugs. This proves once more that it doesn’t matter which field a person is engaged and no matter how young she is, she can be a leader as long as she possesses the right qualities.

I shared my thought with my daughter after that.

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