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1, Oct 2, 2010

The Crucial Role of Good Oral Communication Skill

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During the weekend of 9/26, I read an article by Karen Burns entitled “21 Secrets to Getting the Job.”

To be sure, this is a very long list and most of them are not even relevant to me. What captures my attention is number one on the list — Become a decent public speaker.

“What better way to shine at job interviews, or in staff meetings, or at business luncheons than to express yourself clearly, confidently, coherently, and concisely? Speaking makes you visible. Speaking makes you memorable. Speaking can even make you look smarter than you really are…”

Rightly so! In fact, being a good speaker also benefits a person who is not in job market. A good speaker always feels good about himself, often with overblown ego and higher-than-sky self-esteem. Without ever practicing public speech, a person often finds himself unable to find his tongue in public or even fear of hearing his own voice.

That’s why I have emphasized to my children the importance of good oral and written communication skills, encouraging them to take either speech or debate class.

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