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1, Oct 14, 2010

Interpersonal Conflict, a Healthy Part of Daily Life II

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Continued from yesterday’s topic.
There are some myths about conflicts. 1) conflict is undesirable, hence we should avoid creating it or avoid dealing with it. 2) Conflict is something you can avoid.

As a matter of fact, conflict is both unavoidable and a healthy part of our daily interactions, no matter where you are. What we need is a positive attitude toward conflict, seeing conflict as a source of information and an opportunity for growth and a chance of turning things for the better, not a problem to avoid or put off.

Check out this situation — when the child stays on the internet for hours without getting his homework done or he is watching TV shows way past his bedtime or he is a picky eater, no veggie whatsoever. Imagine the conflict when his parents try to intervene. For the benefit of the minor, in situation like this, parents must step in. Imagine what would happen to the child if the parents leave the child alone for fear for causing conflict! I know some parents give green lights to whatever the kids please, resulting in stinky spoiled ones.

In fact, these are conflicts of very rudimentary nature. The challenge is to learn how to handle that of more complicated kind of conflict, typically among adults or between parents and their teenage children.

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