Interpersonal Conflict, a Healthy Part of Daily Life 1

We had a course as part of leadership workshop on 9/21/2010. It was on conflict resolution. Prior to that we needed to take an online course, titled “Resolving Conflict with Communication Skills.”

As I got deeper into the course, I found it both interesting and instructive. Not because it works wonder for any workplace conflict, but it seems more fitting for any conflict in a more intimate environment like in a family.

The culture at our company is characterized by non-confrontation, strengthened by wide-spread passive aggressiveness and behind-the-back gossiping, with total absence of open conflict. Hence, though this course might make sense elsewhere, it seems out of touch with the reality of our company.

To me, the course throws some light on the conflict in a family. I am going to share my gains from it in a few postings.


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