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1, Sep 3, 2010

Time Management and Modern Technologies

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I have been surprised by seeing how electronic gadgets control and waste our lives stealthily without our noticing it. I have observed people pouring a huge chunk of time surfing or texting or emailing, so much so that sometimes I had to stand waiting or repeating myself when the other person was busy emailing or texting while talking to me.

I have seen a sad case of poor time management in which a person used unproportionately large amount of time for a small task with unsatisfactory result. I learned of some addictive college students have to quit school. All because of having the bad company of a computer and internet.

Every time I see or hear about how people are consumed by these modern gadgets and how their drive, dream and hope are rendered hopeless and irrelevant in the midst of this internet/computer addiction, I feel greatly challenged by the presence of this great time-killer, hope-crusher and energy-drainer in the form of technologies. I want to write about it, attempting to warn myself and my children. There are a few very simple mechanisms to avoid being a slave of these gadgets.

(1) Check and answer non-urgent emails once a day only and turn off any IM or Skype. Do not allow these non-urgent communications interrupt your work. Keeping in mind you are not going to get anything done if you allow yourself to be interrupted by constantly dipping in and out of mailbox or IM.

(2) Stick to your plan religiously, granting no exception to yourself, absolutely. This is very important, as we know very well that too many exceptions create a rule. Of course, you must have a plan first. Remember no plan means plan to fail.

(3) Set a fix amount of time for internet fun time. Take away this indulgence when time is up.

(4) Do a reality check after you are on the internet for some times.

Once you are away from home either in college or at work, you have nobody but yourself watching over you. Be a good time manager.

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