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1, Sep 18, 2010

Internet Gamers — Way to Kill Our Disposable Time

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This is a reading from Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/22/2010, “Facebook Gamers Are Frequent Players.” I am not surprised to learn of the following facts.

(1) About 90% of fans of Zynga Game Network’s “FarmVille”—and games made by other providers offered on Facebook—return daily to play one game or another.
(2) 28% of respondents said they play once a day,
(3) 62% play multiple times daily.
(4) More than half of respondents saying they play “FarmVille” every day — the most popular game of Facebook.

(5) “The more time people spend on such games as ‘FarmVille,’ the harder it is for them to switch to a different diversion.”
(6) The game gets 64 million monthly active users, according to Inside Social Games data.
(7) Consumers in the U.S. will spend $1.6 billion this year on virtual goods, according to ThinkEquity.

A lot of things can be extrapolated from these facts. First of all, one cannot but notice that gaming is addictive, more so than anything good like reading bible. I mean we cannot say 90% of fans read bible every day and 62% read it multiple times. Secondly, when people don’t have money in their lives, where do you expect them to go other than finding this inexpensive entertainment online with virtual money?

Thirdly, one step further, those addicted to the FarmVille most likely do not have anything near to the real farm or property to manage in real life. In other word, they somewhat belong to the social groups that are deprived or underprivileged to the point that they have to find the satisfaction of having their dream realized online in one of their FarmVille — a bit pathetic but not far from truth.

Once again, the way we spend our disposable time reveals so much about us.

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