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1, Sep 29, 2010

How I Teach my Children Financial Responsibility

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A friend of mine at the skating ground once asked me how I taught my children financial responsibility. I told her I taught them with my daily activities. They know so well that they don’t need to be specifically told. The following instances reveal a lot.

I shared this joke my daughter on the weekend before mid-autumn festival. A person needs to send a coat overseas. He takes out the buttons from the coat before sending so that it would weigh less and cost less. My daughter said, “That must be you, mom.” I am flattered. In fact, I am not as resourceful as this person.

On the same day, my daughter and I went to Border’s bookstore. When she saw me carrying a small cup of coffee, she said, “Let me guess. It must be free.” Yes, she was right. It was a free gift sent to me by Border’s on my birthday. She knows I always carry my own tea cup when we go there.

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