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1, Sep 15, 2010

Fresh out of College: What Comes Next

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For most Americans, this is not a question at all — they will start working and paying on their student loans. Actually, they start job-hunting at least one semester prior to that big day. In fact, this should not be an issue at all.

Yes, it is an issue and a serious one for some Chinese college graduates, mostly in China and Taiwan. I have become acquainted with not a few of such graduates.

Nearly all of them have this or that excuse staying at home, out of school and unemployed. This is very undesirable, even if they are preparing for graduate exams like GRE or GMAT.

First, stay-home unemployed –it doesn’t look good on your resume. You want to make all your adult time accountable. Even better, you want to impress your future employers with some experience you are proud of, such as, internship or volunteer or affiliated with a real company or start-on-your-own-feet or anything to show you are a responsible, aspiring and highly motivated young individual.

Second, these stay-homes need to realize that eventually they will have to seek employment and they will be better positioned if they have some work experience in whatever form they can find. Upon college graduation, they have both knowledge and the time to garner valuable work experience.

Thirdly, it agonizes them more than anything when they see their college classmates have moved on while they seem to be wasting time.

Finally, do not waste time. They have no excuse, whatsoever, not to maximize their time upon college graduation, to write new chapters to their glorious careers.

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