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1, Sep 17, 2010

Avoid Crime-Ridden Places Like Oakland, California

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Time and date: 11:30 PM, 7/27/2010
Place: Downtown Oakland, California, eight miles east of San Francisco.
Event: Jinghong Kang, 45-year-old father of three and a computer engineer from Fairfax, VA was gunned down by two robbers who escaped with $17.
Motive: “The motive appears to be ‘an attempted robbery gone bad.'” Kang handed over the $17 he had on him, police said, but the men shot him anyway.

When I told my sister of this crime, she searched online and said “Oakland is a crime-plagued area. He should not have gone there at that hour.” Even someone in China knows better than going to that place at that hour.

The city of Oakland, CA has been plagued with typical big-city social problems including “high unemployment, widespread poverty, and an elevated rate of violent crime.” The city is famous for the 2009 shooting of Oakland police officers. The worst part is some Oakland residents called this criminal Lovelle Mixon a hero. Imagine that place!

I wouldn’t say leaving some places to the criminals and never ever going there, but always use your judgment when you have to visit places like Oakland.

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