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1, Sep 11, 2010

A Piece of High School Memories

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During the long labor day weekend, we went to a friend’s house for a gathering. My friend has three children with two currently in a private school. She told me one of the reasons for their leaving public school is this — she does not like the unreasonable restrictions imposed in public schools. She herself grew up in China where strict rules dominated everywhere. She disliked these rules so much that she did not want her children to go through her experience.

This brought me back to my high school days, filled with not so pleasant memories. I remember one boy who often acted like he was above the rest of us. Once he presided over a meeting — too many of these meetings — and I was supposed to listen with all my ears, but somehow, I saw him as nothing but a mouthpiece of the teacher. Why should I listen to him? I did not even care about listening to the teacher. With this, I started writing from memory the poems from the Dream of Red Chamber, not that I like this novel but because I thought anything was better than listening to someone I found hard to respect. Because of this aberration, I was publicly criticized.

My daughter said I was quite of rebel. Not exactly, because I never thought of replacing that boy. A rebel would first observe those who lead, then contemplate how to replace them.

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